Cabrito Markets

Markets for goat are centered around ethic populations in urban environments. Arabs, Greeks, Hispanics and Asians are significant consumers of goats. Therefore, cities such as Los Angeles, Vancouver, Miami and Houston are prime examples of good goat market centers. However, it is not possible to waltz into the local Safeway, Piggly Wiggly, HEB or Albertsons and buy cabrito off the shelf. It’s just not available. The reasons for this fact are both varied and convoluted. It is very difficult to locate a slaughterhouse that will kill and wrap your market animals. They cite the possibility of “scrapie” (a very bad disease that doesn’t occur in goats and is related to mad cow disease) in goats as the reason they won’t handle the goat offal (non-meat leftovers). This makes no sense, but that doesn’t change the facts. Slaughterhouses that charge per pound of meat processed also refuse to process goats because they are used to the skinny little dairy goats that are sometimes presented for kill. They can’t make money killing those goats and they assume that all goats are created equal. Not so.

The third most cited reason is that they often don’t have enough goats on any given day to assure kill line efficiency. This has been a problem in the past. It’s almost a chicken-and-egg conundrum. If we had enough good, fat goats to process we could do it cheaply and efficiently. But we can’t get enough goats unless we slaughter a few at first and establish our markets.

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