Pinkeye is a bacterial disease usually caused by Chlamydia spp., but it can be due to mycoplasma or Moraxella capri.

Symptoms – Pinkeye is a runny eye, progressing to an opaque eye, which, if left untreated, can cause ulceration of the cornea and permanent blindness.

Treatment – Treat the eye aggressively at the first sign of a runny eye. There are commercial eye powders such as Tylan (neomycin), liquids and creams that should be applied topically to the affected eye. Treat both eyes at the first sign of infection. Animals showing more advanced stages should be isolated in a dark shed or shady pen. Flies are a major vector of the disease and may infect other nearby goats, so fly control may be necessary. Direct contact with infected animals is another mode of transmission. If the animal becomes totally blind, confine it in a small area with accessible food and water. Usually, the treated animal will recover with no residual blindness. Untreated animals may progress to permanent blindness. Occasionally, animals that have recovered continue to carry the disease.

Prevention – Treat all new animals for pinkeye if symptoms occur in one or more members of the group during the quarantine period. Fly control can be important in confined herds.

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