Capricorn’s Resume

Objective : To select and locate top quality breeding stock that is suited to the clients’ needs. To support the client with knowledgeable advice and direction. To oversee the development of the American cashmere industry in order to assure a secure future and profitable ventures.


1989-present Capricorn Cashmere Consults!!, Virginia Dale, CO Owner

2013 – present Supporting Colorado State University in a Department of Defense Project to improve cashmere in the Herat region of Afghanistan.

1989 – Spent four weeks in Australia learning basic fiber identification and herd management from Dr Robert Couchman, Beverley Foard (Kashmir Goat Farm), Jim & Sheba Browne (Karakan Cashmere Stud) and Robin Kissel (Cashco Goats Australia).

1989 – Imported to the USA my foundation herd of cashmere goats from Australia that represented quality Australian goat genetics.

1990-1999 -Participated in cashmere fiber shows and cashmere goat shows throughout the United States, winning several major competitions, sometimes several years in a row.

1992-1996 – Attended Fiber Classing Clinics conducted by Hugh Hopkins, Forte Cashmere Company in 1992, 1993 and 1994; Terry Sim, Cashmere America Co-op, 1992, 1993; and Beverley Foard, Australia Cashmere Goat Association (ACGA) Certified Classer, 1996.

1993 – Successfully completed the only Cashmere Producers of America Cashmere Goat Judging Curriculum presented in San Angelo, TX in 1993 becoming one of 5 certified cashmere goat judges in the United States. Have subsequently judged County 4H Fairs in 1994, 1995, 1996; the Estes Park Wool Festival in 1995 & 1997; the National Fleece Competition in 1994, the Texas Cashmere Association Annual Show in 1994, the NorthWest Cashmere Association Fleece Competition in 2001, the Virginia State Fair in 2003 and the Colorado State Fair in 2005.

1994 – Established, maintained and improved my own herd of cashmere goats at the Oxford Ranch, Laramie, WY that at one time numbered 700 breeding animals.

1994 – Managed the veterinary health program for my own large goat herd. Became conversant and experienced with most of the major health and nutritional needs associated with goat breeding programs.

1995 – Developed and implemented computer based tracking programs to select and improve cashmere goat genetics. This program forms the basis of the current Cashmere Goat Database being implemented by Capricorn Cashmere Consults!!

1999 – Designed a computer-based curriculum and conducted a fiber classing clinic for the Maine contingent of the Eastern Cashmere Association in February, 1999.

1999 – 2000 – Completed a consulting assignment for USAID to design a cashmere goat breed improvement program in Mongolia and a breeding goat program in Jamaica.

1990-2000 Cashmere Producers of America, Virginia Dale, CO President and Director

  • Elected to the Board of Directors in 1990 and chaired the Research and Development Committee, responsible for compiling and disseminating information concerning cashmere goats and writing research grants.
  • Edited and published the CaPrA newsletter, Concerning Cashmere from 1991 through 1994 and again in 1999.
  • Elected President in 1993 and again in 1998. Directed a Board ranging in size from 6 to 18 persons. Established educational programs, show standards and judge training requirements.
  • .

    1994-1997 Cashmere Wyoming Laramie, WY President and Director

  • Designed, proposed and won a $65,000 grant to study the feasibility of establishing large scale cashmere goat enterprises in the State of Wyoming. Project was sponsored by the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Science, Technology and Energy Authority.
  • Oversaw the activities of a Research Assistant.
  • Selected, evaluated and managed a herd of 300 animals that served as the basis for a genetic improvement program.
  • Oversaw the development and implementation of a computer based Cashmere Goat Evaluation Program that tracks 23 different characteristics that describe a cashmere goat. The database then ranks the individuals and makes culling recommendations.
  • Planned and directed a major cashmere goat conference held at the University of Wyoming
  • .

    1991-1996 Cashmere America Co-op, Kiowa, CO President and Director

  • Helped establish the framework for a grower owner cashmere fiber marketing cooperative designed to value-add the raw fiber and increase the monetary returns to the producer. The Co-op, now located in Sonora, TX markets 100% American Cashmere yarn and batt as well as cashmere blend socks.
  • Edited and published the North American Cashmere Newsletter from 1991 through 1995.
  • Served as President from 1992 through 1994.
  • Helped design and present a fiber classing clinic held in Castle Rock, CO in 1993.
  • Oversaw and directed the efforts of the Co-op Manager, Terry Sim.
  • .

    1976-1994 Mariah Associates, Inc Laramie, WY Co-Founder, Owner and Biologist

  • Worked with husband and another partner to establish an environmental consulting firm which grew to five offices in four states, employing 130 professionals before being sold.
  • Worked as a field biologist gathering wildlife and vegetation data in support of Environmental Impact Statements.
  • Managed and participated in the production of Environmental Impact Statements for major mining project clients throughout the American West.
  • Produced intricate maps describing the field environment in support of Environmental Impact Statements. Duties included map design and production, ground truthing, area planimetry and map reproduction. Skills included aerial photograph interpretation.
  • .

    1974-1976 Ecology Consultants, Inc, Ft Collins, CO Librarian, Research Assistant

  • Organized and expanded the reference library for this environmental consulting firm.
  • Researched the effect of industrial coal fired power plant stack effluent on surrounding plants and animals. Research topic concentrated upon the specific effect of heavy metals on plant and animal health and metabolism.
  • .

    1970-1974 Colorado State University Ft Collins, CO

  • BS Wildlife Biology with emphasis on Disease.
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude.
  • .


    Equitation and Combined Training
    World travel
    Competitive Swimming and Instruction
    Hiking and Backpacking

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